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Let me start off by explaining my method for losing weight. If you know what MyFitnessPal (MFP) is then you’ll know what I’m about to say. MFP is a website (and app) that allows you to track your calories. I know, I know. Counting calories is not good for long-term success and I agree with that–to an extent. While I do agree that you can’t maintain a calorie counting lifestyle indefinitely, I do believe it helps you start off on the right track. You see, with MFP, you input your physical measurements and what you want to do such as lose, maintain, or even gain weight. Then it tells you how many calories you can eat each day so that you can reach your goal. The great thing is that it gives you a healthy and realistic goal of about 2 pounds per week to either gain or lose. Of course, you may lose (or gain) a lot more or a lot less than that weekly, but it’s progress and it’s okay. The trick is to not lose sight of your goal by getting ahead of yourself or undermining your own success. Then, each day you scan or manually enter whatever you had to eat and how much. Their database is one of the most extensive out there. No need to worry if that little foreign chocolate bar you ate is going to go unaccounted for, because chances are, they already have it in the system. It truly is amazing. Take a look:

MFPphoto 2photo 3

Shown here from L to R: The food journal page; the food database; the combined nutritional value of the foods consumed that day.

Continue to read and learn why I chose this method for weight loss.

I have a hard time being accountable for myself. I could skip breakfast, eat a massive burger for lunch, and then by dinner time I’ll justify eating an equally big meal because “it’s been a while and all I have eaten was the burger.” This logic made sense to me even though I knew it was wrong. With MFP, I can see everything I’ve eaten and I know my daily limit. There’s nothing to question if I do it properly. Over time, after all the measuring, I’m able to determine what a serving size is without having to measure. The added benefit? I never deprive myself of anything. If I want that candy bar, I will eat it so long as it’s within my caloric limit. The glass of wine? Sure! That second slice of pizza? You bet! If I wasn’t keeping track of my calories, I’d deprive myself just because I would label everything “delicious” as “bad.”

Naturally, this method may not be for you, and that’s fine. I implore you to find and do what works best for you. I know eventually I’ll have to drop the counting of calories, but by then I expect to be very used to the healthy lifestyle and what it truly means.

Okay, and now for the accountability to myself and anyone who reads this, I have provided a progress tracker in my new progress page. As it says in the badge, it will demonstrate the pounds I’ve lost to date. Also, if you have a MFP account and would like to be friends, message me your username or comment this post. I will gladly accept any requests!

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