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Winter Fitness

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One of the hardest things about getting healthy during the winter is exercising. Most days it’s cloudy and bitterly cold; or snowing and bitterly cold; or you may get lucky and it’s sunny, but still bitterly cold. It’s so easy to make excuses. If it’s not that cold, or if you don’t mind the cold, exercising outside or in a gym is always an option. Of course, personal safety is paramount to anything, so don’t go out if things are really bad. Instead of leaving my cozy home, I choose to exercise inside my house. Yes, getting a workout in is just that easy. I’ve included some examples below.

There are people out there that will go to the grave believing that the only exercise that counts is the one done inside a gym. While I’m no expert*, I believe otherwise. To me, anything that increases your activity level counts. Simply getting up more times than usual (think a modified squat) and walking around or dancing as you clean your house can be considered simple exercises**. You won’t get the results you want as quickly, but they’re steps in the right direction. Here are some of the things I do or would do:

  • I don’t have a treadmill in my house, but I do walk around inside it rather briskly. I figure any movement is better than sitting around all day. If walking in your house doesn’t interest you, here are 25 exercises you could do instead.
  • One of my favorite things to do is squats. They are easy to do because I don’t need any equipment to do them. Do those and these to get a complete circuit workout in.
  • Some of those can be harder for bodies such as mine. It’s easy to get discouraged when you are physically unable to push your body off the ground to do a push-up. Here are a  few exercises that you can do.
  • I don’t have any children, but some of my friends do, and getting a workout is harder for them on a completely different level. I’m going to suggest these to the ones looking to get fit. I’d also recommend them for office workers.
  • Let’s say you’re stuck inside for whatever reason, but your house or apartment is small. You can still get a good workout in at home. Here are some exercises that you can do in your living room.

Remember, no matter what your age, body type, or experience level is, you can always join a gym. For those of us that can’t afford a membership; leave our house due to inclement weather; have small children to take care of; or anything else that makes getting to a gym difficult, these links and exercises are for us. The most important thing when doing any of these, anywhere, is to enjoy yourself. Keep in mind why you’re doing this throughout the exercises.

 Until next time,


*Always consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.

**Starting from a sedentary lifestyle, these would be okay, but as you progress, the need to increase difficulty and frequency goes up.

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