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Cheat Days

It’s the weekend and it’s time to socialize! This is also the time when you’re either made or broken. No one wants to be left out of a good time with family and friends. During this critical time of establishing and getting used to your new lifestyle, you’re now being challenged by what was normal for you. What do you do? A lot of people choose to have a cheat day. The concept of a cheat day is exciting. It offers you the opportunity to go out and have fun, be social, and you get to have whatever you want. Who wouldn’t want that? Allow me to paint you a picture…

It’s Saturday and you spent the whole week being conscientious about every single thing you ate. Day in and day out, you’ve pushed your body to its limit at the gym. You did not falter once so you decide that you’re allowed to eat any amount of everything you want. You become a metaphorical human garbage disposal as you devour all that your heart desires. And why shouldn’t you, you did earn it. Suddenly you’ve eaten 7000 calories of unhealthy food, but who cares? You sure don’t!

Hours later, it’s Sunday which is also your weigh-in day. You’re confident as you approach the scale. The hours of exercise and healthy eating flood your thoughts as you step on. Pride overcomes you as you crack a smile, but it quickly disappears when the numbers settle. You’ve managed to gain three pounds. Now you’re asking yourself how that happened–you ate well all week. What happened is that you ate much more than you burned off. Also, you’re likely bloated from all the sodium you unknowingly ate. Your cheat day managed to cancel out all the hard work that you put in throughout the week. Usually, this is the moment when some become discouraged and quit. Here’s how I prevent this:

I don’t have cheat days. I find that when I allow myself one a week, I tend to binge. I’m not a huge fan of working out and so, wasting what I do by overindulging one day is not worth it to me. Instead, I allow myself a cheat meal. This gives me the opportunity to go out with friends, and have that one meal with them, should I be invited. I don’t feel guilty and my numbers still go down on weigh-in days. It’s a win-win. Of course, if you want to do a cheat day, by all means, go ahead. Just a warning though…I know someone who ate so much during one of their cheat days that they ended up in the hospital!

Simply put, don’t overdo it. Moderation is important even if you choose to cheat throughout the whole day. Being hospitalized or putting yourself down later, if you gain weight, won’t help you. Don’t put your hard work to waste because of overindulgence. And should you gain weight after overeating, don’t give up. You can always come back from that.

Have a safe and healthy weekend!

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  1. Good pointers, Carolina. The planning aspect of this is invaluable. You’ve controlled the situation by identifying the cheat meal, and not let the situation control you. That, in itself, should control binging. Friday night is pizza night in my house, which is pretty bad if you’re on low carb, as I am. I know that i CAN’T have one slice, so preparation is key. I’ll have something that is borderline low carb, but is something that I enjoy as well. I get the satisfaction of not being ‘on a diet’ for Fridays, yet have something satisfying as well.

    • Yes, the importance of preparation can’t be stressed enough. By making it a family routine, as you’ve done, you increase your chances of succeeding. You know what to expect each week and you know how to balance it with your other meals. There is not much more that you could do than that. Excellent job, Rob!

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