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Owning Up

I’ve been getting a little complacent this week. I don’t know if it’s the excitement of the new year or what, but I haven’t been working out like I normally do. Plus, I went on a small food binge the other day. Interestingly enough, I was confused about why the scale was creeping up (how audacious of me). I couldn’t fathom why the scale wasn’t moving in my favor. Eventually, the scale stopped moving, and I stayed at that weight for a couple of days. Last night, I went hard with the exercise and better managed what and how much I ate. Here’s what I plan to do the rest of this week:

  • Better regulate what I eat. I know that how I eat plays a big part in how I lose weight. I own the fact that I binged the other day, but I also know how it made me feel and I don’t like that feeling.
  • Increase the amount of time I work out. I had been doing 45 minutes, but I’ve upped myself to one hour now. I’ve also gotten tougher on myself with the breaks I love taking during sets. I started doing this yesterday, and I managed a lot better than I expected.
  • Hydrate more. Normally, this is not a problem for me because I drink quite a bit of water, but lately I haven’t been hydrating properly.
  • Sleep better. I’ve been going to bed very late (I’m a natural night owl), so I’ve been resisting waking up early even more now. This causes me to be sluggish and moody in the morning and never in the mood to work out.

Anyway, it hasn’t been a good week so far. I have a few days to make up for it, and I think I can. If not, that’s fine. I’m not punishing myself, I’m just trying to make things easier for later. I tend to dislike myself a little bit, not obsessively–just disappointed because I know I could have done better. Well, we have five days to see how this all plays out. Can’t wait!

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Determined to succeed so that I can live the healthy and happy life that I know I'm capable of. Everything else there is to know about me will be aired in the blog with time.

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  1. I love the accountability. It’s like the roadmap that I had posted last week. It’s a convoluted path we travel on, sometimes the path looks like we’ve reversed course. Keep on keeping on. We’ll get there!


    • Thank you. It’s not easy taking responsibility, but I have to or else I won’t be successful.

      Yes, it’s exactly like that. I just have to keep my mind on what I’m trying to achieve. We will get there. One way or another, right?

  2. A good night’s sleep is so important and so often overlooked. It completely makes or breaks my work out and/or motivation to go to the gym.

    • It really is! I mean, you don’t know how many times I’ve gotten out of bed and my body is too sore or tired to want to exercise. The worst part being that I usually give in to the laziness. We all function better when our bodies have rested properly. I hope that I can achieve that this week.

      Thank you for commenting. I appreciate it. πŸ™‚

  3. Even I went up. The weather is killing my fun, so let’s both get it on track. High five!

  4. Simple Thoughts

    Fall down ten times. Get up eleven. That’s what it is about – getting up and getting back after it! And not beating ourselves up until we are black and blue if we make a bad choice. πŸ™‚ Sounds like you have a good grip on what needs to happen to get you going back on the right direction.

    Also, you said something important – that you did not like how the small binge made you feel. It is awesome that you are feeling the changes you are making. The numbers on the scale are groovy, but they are only a part if it. If you are feeling the difference, sometimes that can tell you more than the scale. πŸ™‚

    • You are so kind! You don’t know how amazing this comment made me feel. Thank you! πŸ™‚

      I plan to get up after each and every fall. I think I finally found the personal peace that eluded me last time and I’m running away with it. I have such an awesome and inspiring support system in all you and I want to give you (and myself) a reason to be proud.


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