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I believe that a weight loss journey is mostly mental rather than physical. There are so many components that take place in the head first before they can ever manifest in the body. I will never see the results I want by exercising and eating as I was before. I have to change my mind and approach to food. It’s because of this that I put a personal emphasis on my thinking and general mental health. I’ve created a list of things that I choose to be especially aware of throughout this journey and beyond. Your list may be different, but I think we can agree on the most of the things listed.


  • Serving sizes– I measure and weigh everything I eat, but I know that will not always be the case. In fact, one of the things I plan to achieve throughout this journey is how to eat. Learning to eat is partially learning how much. Whenever I portion out a serving, I keep in mind how it looks. For instance, how many crackers or how much cereal is in a serving.
  • Satisfaction– As I mentioned, learning to eat is important, and that includes feeling. I have a hard time recognizing when I’ve had enough. Normally, it happens after I’ve eaten an obscene amount of food and there is no longer a chance to redeem that day. I would eat until I felt like I couldn’t breathe. That was fullness, and thus, satisfaction for me. I’ve been learning to listen to my body and what it’s telling me. I no longer seek out that complete fullness. I eat until I’m satisfied — not full.
  • My emotions– I am an emotional eater so when I eat, I now make sure it’s because my body needs it, not because my feelings are hurt. If I’m sad, I drink water or exercise. Hell, sometimes I just cry or whatever I need to do. If not, I watch my favorite movie or Wheel of Fortune. I look for something to lift me up, but it’s not food.
  • My eating– I used to eat on the couch, watching tv. What tended to happen was that I would finish and wonder where all the food went. This would cause me to eat more because I was still “hungry.” Now, I eat at the table. It’s a no cell phone, no tv, no computer zone. I focus on my food and how it tastes. I savor each bite. I experience the food. It definitely changes things.
  • Activity– Unfortunately, I still have to remind myself to move. Sometimes I’ll realize that I’ve sat around doing nothing for quite a while. When that happens, I immediately turn up my music, get up and move. If it’s dancing, exercising, cleaning, etc. it does not matter, I will move somehow. This leads to a personal happiness that I can’t describe. It feels good.

These are only a few things that apply more to me, but there are obviously more. What do you need to be more mindful of? Please let me know, I would love to become more aware of things and possibly even amend my post.

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Determined to succeed so that I can live the healthy and happy life that I know I'm capable of. Everything else there is to know about me will be aired in the blog with time.

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  1. Hi there, I came across your blog; great post you made today.

    Absolutely agree with you on Mindfulness front. I can definitely relate in many of my past experiences during 140-pound fat-loss. Although I’ve found that it’s easy to ‘Forget’ about being mindful at times, which is a bit of a catch-22.

    I learnt that in times of dismay, instead of reaching out for food, I had to have a better strategy, one that would provide me pleasure in the long-term, instead of the short-term. So instead of food, I choose reading inspirational books, or watching videos; that really help to direct my focus more positively, until it became a habit. Now I have plenty of activities to do, before heading for the fridge.

    Anyways, great post.

    Take care.


    • First of all, congratulations on that ASTONISHING weight loss! WOW! That’s definitely inspiring. Secondly, thank you! I appreciate the kind words and the time you took to comment my blog. 🙂

      You’re absolutely right, it is easy to forget to be mindful. It’s especially easy to forget if you’ve been accustomed to a certain lifestyle for a long time. The key point you made was finding something that would provide you pleasure in the long-term. Food is so temporary. That high you get from eating is so fleeting and like any drug, you keep doing more to get the same level of high each time. It’s crazy. You have great outlets and I believe that’s what led you to your success. Good job!

      Thank you once again for the things I mentioned above. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and story. I look forward to reading more from you. And finally, I wish you the best!

      Take care,


  2. Excellent points. Fortunately, the only real portion size I need to pay attention to is meat portions. I’m not an emotional eater, but a bored one. I tend to eat as a recreation. 🙂

  3. Great post. I need to work on all five of the points you mentioned. I have always been an emotional/boredom eater and would eat until it hurt and I couldn’t eat any longer. Since I ate right out of the package on most “snacks” and eat in front of the tv or at the computer, I would consume very large portions without realizing it. After eating that way for so long it is hard to break the habit, I keep having to remind myself not to eat when I am not hungry or to the point of feeling sick. I think with time it will become second nature… at least I hope so 🙂

    • Thank you!

      I know what you mean. It is a hard habit to break, but it’s so worthwhile. May I suggest breaking the list down? Start with one of the things and work on it for a full month, then move on to the next thing and work on that for another month, alongside the first change. Keep going like that until you’ve covered the whole list and then some. It does become easier with time. Think of it as practicing for a sport, initially you’re not going to be very good, but with time, you can be excellent. I think you can do it! 🙂


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