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Invisible Quest

I’ve been going on this journey for 9 weeks now or 63+ days now. Things have been all over the place for me. Some weeks I kill it and other weeks, it almost kills me. In that time, I’ve managed to lose over 30 pounds and it’s great. I feel good.  My sister and mom tell me all the time that I’ve lost weight. On Monday, one of my cousins told me that was visibly thinner. I haven’t confirmed to my mom or any of my cousins that I’ve restarted my weight loss journey. These comments just come out of the blue and they make me feel really great, but I don’t see it. I can’t see the progress I’ve made, yet others do. Shouldn’t I be noticing it by now? When I lost this same amount last year, I saw it, but this time it appears as if the change is invisible only to me.

When I restarted my lifestyle change, I didn’t take any measurements. Thankfully, that didn’t really matter because I still had the ones from this same week last year. With a drop of over 26 pounds in exactly one year (02/05/13-02/05/14), I’ve managed to lose several inches from my body. I honestly don’t see any of this, but there it is. I suppose as more time passes, I’ll start to notice it.

In other news, I ordered some Quest Protein Bars a couple weeks ago. They arrived just a few days ago. I’ve never ordered them before, so I didn’t know what their box looked like. Here’s a look at it:

photo (15)

It’s perfect! I feel like it describes several aspects of this journey exactly as it is. This is a great thing to remember when times get rough for any of us. We control our destinies. We will do what others won’t. We are on a quest and we won’t stop!

As for the protein bars, they’re delicious! I microwave mine for about 15 seconds and then I eat it. It definitely makes it that much better. Better yet, these particular bars (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) have 21g of protein and 3g of carb! Pretty good, huh? I would definitely recommend these on flavor alone, but their benefits also add to it. You can get these at your local GNC stores as well. Although a bit pricey, they are definitely worth it. Give one of them a try! If you’ve had them, let me know what you think. What’s your favorite flavor?

Anyway, that’s all for me today. Hope you guys are having a great Thursday!

Until next time,




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  1. Thanks! They look delicious. We have a GNC nearby, so I’ll check them out. How were the prices mailorder vs. GNC?

    • They’re actually cheaper if you order them. GNC has to make a profit, right? 😉 I ordered directly from Quest Bar’s site. With a code I found online, (standard) shipping was free. The code was “onaquest” I think. I hear that Banana Nut, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Cookies and Cream are to die for! The Cookies and Cream are going to be my next order. You can select the variety pack or the pick-your-own variety pack. Either of those variety packs is going to be slightly more expensive than a single flavor box. Anyway, their size is pretty decent so you don’t feel jipped for the price.

  2. Thanks for the code, I’ll have order a box.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Those bars look great. I have been wanting to find a good low carb bar to keep in my purse or car, so I think I look into these.

    • They are delicious! The carbs that they do have come from nuts — not sugars (they make sure you know that). 😀 If you do order them, use the “onaquest” code (it should still work) for free standard shipping (you’ll get them in a week) and let me know what you think.

  4. lyssacelestriacampbell

    That is awesome progress. But yes, totally understand the lack of visuals. I just went up and saw relatives I haven’t seen in almost a year, and same thing, all said they could see I’d lost weight. My scales show me I’ve lost just over 10kgs, but still, I don’t see any difference.
    What is helping though is something my mum did for me. As a clothes hoarder, she made me go through a tonne of clothes and get rid of things I never touch, but told me if I still had clothes from my smaller days that I loved to keep them as inspiration clothes. These have really helped as even though i can’t see any change, I’ve already been able to get into a pair of jeans that haven’t fitted me for nearly 5 years – so clearly something is changing.
    I’ve also started taking three dress sizes into the changing rooms when trying on new clothes at stores – my original size plus the two sizes down. I keep thinking I’m my original size, but when I try on one or two sizes down (depending on the label of course), I find they fit me way better and are much more flattering (ie. less excess fabric bulking me up). This is really helping spur me on.
    Keep up the great work and inspiration to us following you and with you on the same journey.

    • First of all, thank you for taking the time to comment my blog, Lyssa. It was all lovely! I appreciate it. 🙂

      Being told that your weight loss is visible one of the most amazing feelings throughout journeys like these. It really just reinforces the hard work you’ve put in. As someone else said in another comment, we see ourselves on a daily basis. We know our bodies (too well sometimes) so we have a harder time seeing the smallest changes. It’s okay though.

      Your mother’s suggestion is great! Look at how it helped you! Congratulations on getting back into your old jeans! 😀 That must’ve felt FANTASTIC! Keep up all your hard work. You’re obviously doing something right! 🙂

      Yes, I know what you mean. I haven’t bought new clothes, but I’ve noticed that I’m not as big because sometimes I think I’ll hit something with my body, but I miss it by a lot. Does that make sense? Lol! Oh well.

      Anyway, we just have to keep moving forward. Congratulations on ALL your achievements and progress. You’re doing wonderfully! Remember how things were around New Year’s? Look how far you’ve come since then! Keep it up! 🙂 Finally, thank you for your support. It means a lot to me.

  5. I think that some times it takes a while for you in general to notice it. You see yourself every day and know where your trouble spots are. You are right, your eyes will catch up. Thanks for the tip about the protein bar! I am always looking for new ones to try.

    • Yes, I mean I won’t say that I don’t notice any changes in myself because that is NOT the case. I just think I need some more time to get used to my body. It’s fine. I don’t try to put too much emphasis on it, you know?

      Anyway, the protein bars are one of the best I’ve ever had. They don’t taste like cardboard or have that weird aftertaste that is common in protein bars. I highly recommend these. Another flavor that my cousin raves about is Apple Pie. She says it tastes a lot like an apple pie. I suggest buying them online because it’s cheaper through there, but if you’re only trying to buy one or two, then GNC is the way to go. 🙂 Let me know what you think about them if you buy any.

  6. You’ll be last in line to see it, because A: it’s gradual, and B:I think most people see themselves bigger because they expect to. I still see me bigger too most days.

  7. A few years ago I lost a ton of weight, but when I looked in the mirror all i saw was the same old me with the same ‘fat issues’. I didn’t feel slim. I look back at photos now and am aiming to get back to right where I was at that point in time. When I look at the photo I see a slim person. Our mind is so powerful, we have to train it to see us for what we are today. Your eyes will catch up – keep focusing on the good that you’re feeling and when you get those compliments keep patting yourself on the back. Oh, and put on a pair of pants you wore 30lbs ago – that will give you a good visual and a great feeling 🙂 You are doing awesome!!

    • Why is it that a lot of us find ourselves in similar situations as the one mentioned? It’s like we can’t appreciate ourselves until we get worse. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t strive to be better, but it seems like we are too hard on ourselves. I think we should learn to love ourselves just a bit more.

      I will definitely do the pants thing. I’m actually excited. 😀 Thank you so much for your support and lovely comment. It means a lot to me. 🙂

  8. I agree with jmlol and Foxy-O. We’ve seen a different person in the mirror for some time, but our impression adapts slowly.

  9. You will see it in pictures, the evidence is all there to reward or haunt you. In your case REWARD you:-) Congrats, that is fantastic!

  10. Those look so freaking good!!

    • Oh, they ARE! I’ve seriously have never heard any bad comments about them. You get a little recipe booklet with your order. In it, they list a bunch of things that you can make with the bars. The recipes sound heavenly! I may give one of them a try. 🙂 If you order these, let me know.


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