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Last post of tonight I promise!!

Today I’m featuring Lauren’s bio (laurenrebeccax). She kept her bio short and simple, but she got her goals across. Lauren tells her story in such a raw manner that you can’t help but be endeared to her. Lauren is consistently overcoming her fears and putting herself out there. I’m proud of her and all her achievements throughout this challenge. I think we all can stand to learn something from her. Be sure to read more about her and her extraordinary journey.


Hey I have decided to do this Sprint to May challenge devised by Carolina and Rob. So I’ve decided to do a bio for it 🙂

My name is Lauren, I’m 19, 20 in March and since going to college and university I have gained a lot of weight and a lot of inches (not complaining about boob size though) so I’ve devised my own plan to try to lose it. My aim in general is two stone by the end of the year but if I could lose two stone by May at least that would be ideal 🙂

So that is me, thank you all 🙂

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Determined to succeed so that I can live the healthy and happy life that I know I'm capable of. Everything else there is to know about me will be aired in the blog with time.

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  1. Aww thank you for your kind words Carolina 🙂 that’s very sweet of you 🙂 xx

  2. I read Lauren’s bio (and her blog) and she’s on her way! Great job!


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