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Rebirth – Sprint to May Challenge – My Story

Today, I’m featuring Gabrielle’s challenge bio. Gabrielle, author of allkindsoflovelies, is our resident makeup and beauty product guru. She is brilliant in her assessments of products and I highly recommend you read some of her reviews. Gabrielle, has faced a lot of obstacles throughout her life, and no one would have blamed her if she decided to give in, but she didn’t. Instead, Gabrielle is choosing to fight and work to achieve her goals. She is seeing this Challenge as her rebirth. Read the rest of her story in her bio and find out just why she makes this group of participants truly amazing.


Challenge Bio

Today I’m featuring Rob’s challenge bio. Rob is the co-creator of the Sprint to May Challenge. His blog tells the story of his journey to lose weight in 2013. Due to some setbacks, he was unable to reach the goal he set for himself in 2013, but he picked up where he left off and is continuing on that path today. He hopes to finish what he started and is using our Challenge to make that possible. Read his bio and visit his blog for recipes, information about a ketogenic diet, and much more.

Thank you, Rob, for your bio. We look forward to following your journey throughout these next 5 months!

STMC2014 Bio- CarolinaFitness

I suppose since I’m asking all of our participants to make a bio, it’s only fair that I do the same, right?


  • I’m Carolina and I’m 24 years old.
  • I have been overweight the majority of my life. I’ve been classified as obese since high school.
  • I’ve used my weight as a defense mechanism throughout my life. I’ve finally started to find confidence and strength within myself and outside of my body.


  • I would like to lose 20 pounds by May.
  • Be able to jog/run for at least 30 minutes.
  • Make it through April while maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the first time.


  • I plan to stay mentally healthy first and foremost, by keeping negative energy (thoughts, words, people, etc.) away from me.
  • I will eat healthily and not deprive myself of birthday cake!
  • I will jog a little bit each day until I can run.
  • I will support you so that my head is always in the game.


  • I tend to do better with a tough love (with more love than tough) approach. I need a touch of reality.
  • Too much positive reinforcement makes my head balloon up when I should be opening my eyes.
  • I would appreciate constructive criticism, but nothing nasty. 🙂


  • I’ve lost 42 pounds since this time last year. I plan to lose more
  • I’ve lost 17 pounds since December of last year (I’m really, really big so weight tends to come off easily for me. Don’t be discouraged if you have 40 or so pounds to lose and it’s not coming off as quickly).
  • I’m more energized and HAPPY! I’m excited for all of you and myself!

PHEW! That was harder than I imagined, but I’m glad I’ve put it out there. There’s still time to join our Challenge and we could all use more support. Plus, I’m a support fiend! The more, the merrier! And to our participants: if you still haven’t made a bio, please do. I would like to share as many as I can!

Until next time,


Sprint to May Challenge

Hey there! Yesterday I spoke briefly about the challenge I have created with Rob. We’ve gotten quite a few participants already and I believe we can still get more. Because I only spoke briefly about it and mostly just redirected people to the Challenge page, I think I created some confusion. I’m going to try to clear up as much as possible. Here’s a quick look at it:


Welcome to the new year! It’s a time for renewal and regained hopes. A few of us have personal goals we want to achieve this year and in the ones to come. This is not a new year’s resolution challenge, nor do we expect you to reach your ultimate goal(s) within the time frame of this challenge. We just know how hard it is to stay on track. We want to invite you to join us on this challenge and stay on course to reach any goal(s) you may have.


YOU! If you’re reading this, you probably have an interest in getting and/or staying healthy. Congratulations, you have already taken the first step! The creators of this challenge, Rob and Carolina, share that same interest. We want to help you get and stay on course until May. It does not matter if you are not trying to lose weight, you can still participate as a supporter!


One day, we came to the realization that every major holiday between today and May 1st revolves around food (mainly candy) or alcohol. We decided to help one another by challenging the other to make it to May. That’s it. Make it to May. We’re all (very) likely to make it there anyway, why not make the journey healthy?


Anyone can join and/or invite someone. If you want to join, just comment saying YES or anything affirmative! Once you join, you must develop a bio about yourself stating who you are, what your goals are, what you are doing to achieve those goals, and any progress you have made already. It can be fun, technical, short, or long — whatever captures your personality the best. It must be posted on your blog. This is so that anyone who stumbles across this challenge can get to know you as a participant. It may be featured on newfoundfitness any given Sunday from here to the end of April. Support-only participants do not have to make a bio.

What Do You Get:

You get a network of writers and readers that want to support you as you work towards a better life. In the end, we just want to share tips, suggestions, encouragement, etc. during what can be a difficult journey. By joining us, you will be exposed to different authors and blogs. You may gain subscribers, increased viewership, and/or blog exposure. You might even make a friend and we consider that winning!

You can read the rules and achievements available here.

For clarification of the Challenge, please keep reading.

Read the rest of this entry

Weigh-In Wednesday Week 04

Hello! Welcome to the new year! I hope you all had a great time last night. I know I did. I’ll be upfront, I went in on the wine. I couldn’t help myself — or maybe I could have, but I didn’t. Some may see this as a failure, but I don’t. I enjoyed it and I didn’t deprive myself. Wine for me is not an everyday occurrence, so when I do have it, I have a little more than 2 glasses. My next wine date is my birthday and that’s in March. My point is, if you went a little hard on the champagne or hors d’oeuvres, don’t worry, it happens and you move on from it. So if you’ve already broken your new year’s resolution, just keep going. Anyway, just because it’s a new year does not mean weigh-in day is put off. It’s business as usual here. This week I went very hard on the exercise and eating healthy. I wanted to because I wanted to make up for Christmas dinner. I believe I succeeded in that.

Want to find out how much I lost and what announcement I have to make? Read the rest of this entry

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